Sunday Morning Adult Education - Mar 2012

Sunday Morning Adult Education - Mar 2012

All programs run from 10:15 -11:15am. All programs are drop-in friendly. Our three options for adult religious education on Sunday mornings continue in three venues: the Hiett Library, Room 9, and Room 18.

Sundays in the Library (Hiett Library):

We continue this successful program. The first regular Sunday of each month will focus on the religion designated for that month. Both the worship service and children's religious education will have the same focus. The second or third Sunday of the month will be a Newcomer Orientation Session. Remaining Sundays will be used as needed for various offerings, including: Share-the-Plate topics, Immigration sessions, samples sessions of upcoming evening classes, the Best of UUU, and special opportunities that may arise. Let us know if you have special sessions you would like to share with our congregation.

March 4 Paganism and Compassion

This morning, we continue our exploration of compassion through the lens of world religions with a look at Paganism.

March 11 Long Strange Trip: UU Film Series Part 3: American Unitarianism (1620 - 1860), First Half

Second half will be shown on March 25. See below for full description. Ken Lofgren facilitates.

March 18 Newcomer Orientation

Are you a newcomer to our church? Come meet our minister, Reverend Kathy Schmitz, learn more about Unitarian Universalism, and get answers to any questions you may have.

March 25 Long Strange Trip: UU Film Series Part 3: American Unitarianism (1620 - 1860), Second Half. (First half shown on March 11.) Ken Lofgren facilitates. Part 3 of our series on UU History film talks about the development of Unitarianism in America from 1620 through the death of Theodore Parker in 1860. It discusses the early fractures between religious liberals and Congregationalists in Colonial America. It discusses the effect of Joseph Priestley's immigration and William Ellery Channing's role in the formation of the American Unitarian movement. It tells the story of the final split between the Unitarians and the Trinitarian Congregationalists in the 1820s from both a theological and a legal perspective. It revisits the Arian/Socinian fracture that played out here as well and the Transcendentalism of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Theodore Parker. It talks about the key role Fuller played in moving Transcendentalism out from a niche movement in Concord to the driving force behind Unitarianism. Finally, It discusses the role Theodore Parker played in advancing Unitarianism beyond its traditional Bible-centered roots and his role in some of the great social justice issues of the day, especially the abolition of slavery.

Green RE (Room 9):

"Spirit in Practice" series continues.
This "drop in friendly" class is designed to help students make more thoughtful decisions how they put their spirituality into practice.  We continue exploring the different spiritual  "food groups" than can help nourish spiritual health.  You can download the entire series at

March 4 Workshop 4: Spiritual Partnerships

March 11 Workshop 5: Mind Practices

March 18 Workshop 6: Body Practices

March 25 Workshop 7: Soul Practices

The Community Room (Room 18, formerly the Florida District Office):

This track encourages interaction between participants and was inspired by a desire to create a space for folks attending the two different services to be together. All programs welcome new participants who have not previously attended.

March 4 Spirit of Life Program: Workshop 6: Giving Life the Shape Of Justice: The Spirituality of Working for Change. Each first Sunday, we use materials from this UUA created program that seeks to bring meaning, beauty, inclusivity, and growth to Unitarian Universalist adults as they deepen their spiritual awareness and connections.

March 11 Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life: The Sixth Step: Action.

Each second Sunday, we focus on one of the steps described in Karen Armstrong's book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.

March 18 Community-Building Tools

Each third Sunday, we offer an opportunity to strengthen community-building skills.

March 25 Spiritual Literacy

Each fourth Sunday, we show a video discussion series that uses short films to prompt discussion on a variety of topics.


Other Adult Programming

Francis Dávid* Café: A Drop-In Discussion Group

Friday, March 16, 7:00-9:00pm in the Hiett Library

Join Rev. Kathy as she facilitates conversation on a variety of topics, hoping to find and celebrate both our differences and our common ground. All are welcome!

*Living 500 years ago, in Transylvania, Unitarian preacher Francis Dávid is best known among modern Unitarian Universalists for saying, "You need not think alike to love alike." Come practice what he preached.